English Language

English Language (Eduqas)

Are you interested in the power of language? Do you know how manipulative language can be? Perhaps you enjoy writing and want to develop your skills. English Language is about the analysis of texts as critical readers, aware of the writer behind every text. Central to this study is the issue of context: how do the circumstances in which a text is written affect its meaning? This awareness will make you a sophisticated reader of others’ texts and a highly effective writer of your own.

Course Content & Assessment

Component 1:

Language and Concepts 2 hours

Section A – Analysis of spoken language.

One question requiring analysis of at least two transcriptions.

Section B – Language Issues

One question from a choice of three based on the study of four topic areas

Component 2:

Language Change Over Time 2 ¼ hours

Section A – Language change over time

One multi-part question and one essay question analysing language change over time

Section B – English in the Twenty-First Century

One question based on the ways language is used in the twenty-first century.

Component 3:

Creative and Critical Use of Language 1 ¾ hours

One question, from a choice of two, requiring two original writing responses and one commentary – 80 marks

Component 4:

Language and Identity. Non-Examination assessment:

2500-3500 word language investigation based on the study and research of a topic relayed to language and identity


The classes will involve a range of different teaching approaches.

You will be asked to present your own research to the class and to take part in whole group and small group discussions.

You will be required to work independently, completing your own research and collection of data.

Some sessions will be led by students following your own investigative work. This course is about language; effective communication is developed as it is as vital as good writing

Your Future

Effective speakers and skilled writers will always be in very high demand! This course develops these skills.

Many universities offer courses linked to this A Level. English Studies is the most obvious, but the wide-reaching benefits of the subject make it a highly desirable A Level for many courses.

Specific careers such as those in the media, journalism, or any communications based profession would require this qualification.

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