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We hope this page gives you a flavour of what life is like at Blue Coat Sixth Form, but don’t take our word for it, come see us. We hope you will be inspired by our history and tradition, and after speaking to our fantastic staff and wonderful students, we hope that you decide that our sixth form is the place for you to thrive and flourish in the next stage of your education.

Some of our Students have kindly offered to show a little insight into the Sixth Form day:

Typically, I get the school bus to school and arrive at about 8:15, as this is before the school day, I go to the canteen to get a drink and meet up with my friends. Sometimes in the morning we play a game of Uno, chat or get on with some work if we have exams coming up. The bell goes at 8:40 for us to go to form, I’m in 12JCA which is in the BC building. Form is only 5 minutes, and we get any notices or room changes for the day before going to period one at 8:50.

First, I have sociology, where there are 15 people in my class. The lesson is an hour, and we work in groups to complete the work before feeding back to the class on our section. After sociology I have a free period, where I usually go to the JT building to get some work done. In free periods you can also go to the canteen to get some food and catch up with friends or go to the library to complete some work, if you need a computer. When the bell goes at 10:50 it’s time for break and I meet up with friends and we get food from the canteen.

Break finishes at 11:10 and I have history third in the AK building. I have two teachers for history: one for the Stuarts and the English Civil War and a second for 19th Century America and the American Civil War. After history I have politics for an hour. Like with history I have two teachers, for different sides of the course. Most of our lesson is teacher-led but we also make some notes from the textbook. At 1:10 the bell goes for lunch.

At lunch you can either get food form the canteen to eat in JT or go off site to get food. Lunch is an opportunity to not only spend time with friends but also there are several clubs put on by different subject departments. On a Tuesday I often go to debate club which is run by the social science department. Lunch is for 50 minutes and ends at 2:00, where we have form for twenty minutes. Each day we have different activities ranging from assembly to study time and on a Friday Mr Lowe’s Quiz, which is a weekly competition between forms.

Last period I have ILC, in the JT building. Each subject gives you independent work to complete to help with your studies, which you are expected to complete in your ILC lessons. I also find ILC helpful when I need to revise for exams, or I can ask people in my classes if I am unsure on anything we have completed in lessons. School finishes at 3:20 and I get the bus home, but you can stay after school to finish any work either in JT or in the library.

 – Year 12 Student

A day of Sixth Form starts off with registration at 8:40. Then you have two periods, based upon your chosen subjects, followed with a break. After that, we have another two periods and then lunch. Later, we have form time in which we are guided to make the best choices for the future. This can be through informative assemblies, productive workbooks, and plenty of beneficial sources. Finally, we have the last period which finishes at 3:20.

Each period is one hour each, your break is 20 minutes, and your lunch is 50 minutes. As a sixth form student, you get free periods where you can spend your time productively to do ILC work or to spend time with your peers. When in sixth form, you are given ILC work every week for each subject as well as ILC sessions that are dedicated to completing your ILC work. The transition into sixth form is seamless since your day is similar to your school day however sixth form requires lots of organisation and dedication, but the Sixth Form team and your teachers are there to help.

– Year 12 Student

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