Media Studies

Media Studies (AQA)

If you’ve ever wondered how films are made, how adverts work, if we can believe the news we hear, and why you can always predict storylines in soaps… then you’re beginning to think like a media analyst!

Choose Media Studies, and you’ll have the chance to discuss and analyse a wide range of media texts. The contemporary media landscape is changing – new technologies and platforms are providing interesting new areas for study, and this course offers the opportunity to explore them.

Course Content & Assessment

Paper 1

What’s assessed?

Questions will focus on issues and debates in the media. A topic will be released in advance of the exam. Students will be expected to use any relevant elements of the theoretical framework in order to explore the ideas in the paper.

How it’s assessed

  • Written exam: 2 hours
  • 35% of A-level

Paper 2

What’s assessed?

Questions will focus on the analysis of media products, through the lens of the theoretical framework.

Students will be expected to refer to the Close Study Products (CSPs) provided by AQA and other products they have studied. They will also be expected to demonstrate understanding of the contexts in which the products were created.

How it’s assessed

  • Written exam: 2 hours
  • 35% of A-level

Non-exam assessment: Creating a media product

What’s assessed?

Application of knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework.

Practical skills relating to the media format of their choice. Cross-Media Products made for an intended audience.

How it’s assessed

A choice of topics related to the over-arching (annually changing) theme 30% of A-level

Assessed by teachers Moderated by AQA


Media Studies is challenging and enjoyable. Your lessons will be a mix of practical work and theoretical analysis. You should be prepared to lead discussions in class seminars and should have the discipline to manage individual research tasks.

Media Studies is much more than classroom study, it requires students to engage with current affairs and social issues; you should be prepared to challenge the opinions and views of yourself and others.

Your Future

The BBC has come to the North West and has moved several major departments – Children’s, Sport, New Media, Five Live and Research and Development out of London to Salford; the Media will be a major employer in the local area.

Specific careers such as those in the media, such as journalism, or any communications based profession would benefit from this qualification.

The balance of practical and theoretical study in this qualification would allow successful candidates to access University courses that focused on media technology or academic research.

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